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Andy Young is an English teacher at Kennebunk High School in Kennebunk, Maine. His background includes many years as a sportscaster all over the US, as well as time spent in the Peace Corps and as a substitute teacher and high school coach. As a sports writer he used to write editorials in his spare time; now that he is teaching he has no spare time, but still manages to turn out columns.

His articles have appeared in nearly a dozen different publications, at least three of which are not currently defunct. Recent essays have appeared in the Windham Eagle and the Portland Press-Herald.

646 columns and counting

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Demand for Andy's writing from his first book, Young Ideas, and his need to fill in his 2.5 minutes of free time per week, have led to the release of volume 2, Work(s) in Progress. Believe it or not, there have actually been critical reviews of the first book, and some of them are even real. Read the shameless self promotion©, and contact Andy with or without an order request
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